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The Medical Gown Project aims to provide continuing income for local garment makers and fabric stores who were affected by the pandemic. Through these joined forces, TMGP delivers handmade medical gowns to healthcare workers and patients in need to help stop the spread of Covid.


Who We Are

The Medical Gown Project was started on April 29th, 2020 by Fernanda Kelly as a mission to help medical staff who were in need of resources and supplies to better serve the outpouring number of Covid-19 patients. As part of that mission, she has also committed to providing job opportunities to families that have been affected by Covid.

When the entire world shut down, medical communities were forced to quickly purchase and over-pay through Amazon. Of course, the overwhelming demand led to shortages of PPE washable gear and there was much scrambling to find anything available, some paying up to $180 per gown.

Kelly knew that she needed to lean on her surrounding community to further educate herself on PPE fabrics and materials, find local seamstresses who were struggling financially due to pandemic cuts, seek fabric stores who would sell her the necessary material despite being forced to close due to Covid and with the help of her friends, colleagues and family she formed her little dream team and led this very special project that we are so proudly sharing with you.

What The Medical Gown Project Has Accomplished So Far

During this short time, The Medical Gown Project is so proud of its accomplishments and its beloved community. TMGP:

  • Has delivered 850 medical gowns, coveralls, head coverings for doctors, dentists, nurses and Covid19 patients in Southern CA using 2,550 yards of fabric.

  • Provides competitive wage part-time jobs to a total of 8 families (with your help we will reach out to more!): two pattern makers, two seamstresses and a NYTAQ assistant who had previously lost their jobs due to the pandemic and who currently struggle to find any source of income due to their immigration status.

  • Has built a loving, hard-working community where the mission is to help our heroes.

  • Uses local family-owned fabric shops and helps keep their doors open.

  • Is a continuing resource for medical staff and their patients.


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